SmartTray X1
Hands-free tablet viewing for
optimum passenger experience
SmartTray X2
Safe, low cost solution for using
PED’s gate-to-gate
SmartTray X3
Smart, simple, lightweight, low cost wireless tablet device IFE
Design and build intelligent tray tables that transform the passenger experience in a BYOD environment.

SmartTray International is transforming ordinary food tray tables into work and play stations, theaters, libraries and stowage compartments for tablet devices with lots of room left for snacks and drinks. A low-tech, high touch solution that will leave smiling passengers saying, “Why didn't they think of that before?”
SmartTray WINS NewComer of the Year Award at APEX 2013 IFE Expo!
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SmartTray X4
Elegant solution for holding passenger or carrier owned PEDs
SmartTray International Unveils its X4 Tray Table with Patented Groove Technology at APEX/IFSA Expo 2014