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SmartTray® integrated PED holders in passenger seatback tray tables, in-arm-tray tables and headrests facilitate hands free use of smartphones and tablets significantly enhancing travelers’ entertainment experience onboard – there is no pain or muscle fatigue from holding PEDs. Replacing food tray tables with SmartTray patented, multi-function, tech-friendly tray tables provide lowest cost options to upgrading passenger seats on airplanes, trains, buses, and cruise ships without disruption in service or downtime.
SmartTray patent pending QR code encoded ads (QRADS) subsidize costs of maintaining and replacing food tray tables turning cost centers into profit centers. SmartTray markets and sells non-intrusive ads to mass transit operators’ loyalty partners and blue-chip advertisers. Advertisers and loyalty partners benefit from exposure to affluent business and leisure travelers in a captive environment, when they are not distracted with nothing to do and nowhere to go – unprecedented dwell time with ads. SmartTray PED friendly tray tables deliver superior ergonomics, better entertainment experience, and help reduce spread of COVID 19 and other infectious diseases. SmartTray does all work from marketing, to sales, to QRADS installation, maintenance, and removal, and shares its operating profits with participating airlines, rail, bus, and cruise ship operators.
Searching for the best cabin solutions can be complex and time consuming. With decades of industry experience, expert technical insight, and extensive network of seasoned partners worldwide, SmartTray can help you select most practical solutions for using and charging PEDs onboard, identify cost effective in-flight entertainment products, systems, and services efficiently and quickly for all types of cabins from our offices in USA and Europe.

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